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We exist to partner with businesses to solve complex problems with innovation, insight, creativity and results. Our difference is we were founded by Australian experts with a global track record in strategy, advisory, intelligence, policy, communications and creativity.


Orizontas is our corporate advisory consultancy that solves business challenges through strategic advice combined with deep expertise in political, reputational, climate and market risk. Orizontas brings insight, acumen and frontline experience, delivering end-to-end solutions to boards and CEOs.


Horizon GR provides strategic government relations advice and advocacy for clients – from planning to execution. Our difference is that we work with our clients to define specific problems they are trying to solve and to deliver a customised, bespoke and tailored solution.


Rethink Everything is a creative agency that solves complex business problems by integrating creativity and imagination to create positive and sustainable change. We deliver highly strategic creative solutions with large-scale impact. There is no limit to how we solve your problem or activate the market.


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